Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inspired Economist - “Green” Yearbooks? We’re Getting There!

In my daughter’s backpack this morning, I discovered a note about school pictures, soon to be delivered. That brings to mind the topic of yearbooks. Here’s a product that has everything wrong with it from an environmental standpoint — coated paper (making the paper difficult to recycle), tons of ink, lots of unnecessary pages, and never recycled.
As schools and other educational institutions plan for next year’s yearbook process, is there a way to make it more environmentally friendly?
Yes! TreeRing is a Silicon Valley, CA-based technology company that uses the efficiency of digital printing (one of my favorite subjects) to create personalized yearbooks that commemorate each child’s unique school experience. Parents create the yearbooks online (like online scrapbooking!), so the only yearbooks printed are the yearbooks wanted. No unwanted yearbooks cluttering up landfills.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little Green Blog - TreeRing, Preserving memories of childhood and our future earth

This week I discovered TreeRing; who create yearbooks for the internet generation . Having a love of trees my curiosity was piqued, and I’ve been taking a look at their great site.
Have you ever asked yourself what, exactly it is, you and the environment are paying for with your child’s yearbook? How many photos of your child appeared in this year’s yearbook? How many yearbooks get trashed because they are unwanted?
 Eco friendly
What I love about this idea is the environmental benefits. All book purchases are made online by parents. This means you only pay for what you need and, more importantly, there are no unwanted printed yearbooks left to dispose of.  This not only saves trees, but saves schools money, who traditionally have had to commit to a fixed number of books to purchase every year.  READ MORE

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Examiner - Personalized yearbooks are coming to Pasco County

It happens at the end of every school year.  Yearbooks arrive and children immediately begin flipping through the pages hoping to see themselves on a page other than their yearly posed head shot.  Some are excited to find themselves at a band performance or dressed up for Halloween, others are lucky if they come out in the background of a group photo... READ MORE

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SC Times - Say Hello to Custom Yearbooks

Say hello to one more sign that we live in an ever-increasing digital world. For the coming school year, students at San Clemente's Our Savior's Lutheran School will be introduced to new online tools that will allow them to use the Internet to create their yearbooks. Trough a partnership with technology company TreeRing, students can share online photos throughout the year and create customized yearbooks. Parents and students can upload photos and build unique yearbook pages. "It changes from a yearbook about the school into a yearbook about the school and about you," Aaron Greco, a San Clemente native who co-founded the company, said. Beyond harnessing the social, sharing and cost-saving potential of the Internet, schools save money and one tree is planted per each yearbook printed. "Tapping the best of today's technology not only allows us to present families with a unique, high-quality yearbook, it also provides a fun, safe and interactive way to introduce digital media into the classroom and community," said Dunya Shaw, school principal. Hard copies of the yearbook will still be printed. For more information about this program, visit