Thursday, June 10, 2010

Article: San Francisco Chronicle - Do-It-Yourself Yearbooks

TreeRing customers Chahta-Ima, Astoria Park and Alvarado are covered in this article.

From A1
"Yearbook Publishing: A Redwood City startup company uses Web-based technology to help schools save on printing costs."

From D1 (business section)
"Do-it-yourself yearbooks"
"We wanted to do it at a reasonable cost, but not sacrifice instructional funds for the school." Casey Gleason, principal, Chahta-Ima Elementary School, Lacombe, LA

From D5
"This yearbook is your very own"
"Change is scary for some people.  Some people were still willing to go with the sure thing even though it was going to lose some money." Glenda Allen, PTO President, Astoria Park Elementary School, Tallahassee, FL

TR Press Release: Businesswire - TreeRing Rescues Yearbook at Schools across the United States

TreeRing Rescues Yearbook at Schools across the United States
Customizable Yearbooks Eliminates the Cost of Yearbooks for Schools and PTAs
REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Across the United States, schools are abandoning their yearbooks because they can no longer afford to pay the upfront costs required from old-fashioned yearbook providers. Traditionally, schools are required to put down a yearbook deposit and commit to a minimum number of books. This has resulted in schools having to pay thousands of dollars up front and ultimately losing money year after year from unsold yearbooks. TreeRing, however, has changed the equation in schools from coast to coast through an economic offer that requires no upfront costs, no minimum purchase commitments, and no leftover inventory – all while keeping yearbook quality high and prices low.
“When I first heard about TreeRing, however, it made perfect sense. No upfront costs and a very simple process; so simple that we were able to produce our yearbook in less than two months.”

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Article: SF Chronicle's - Social Networks Give Rise To Personal Yearbooks

By Benny Evangelista, Chronicle Staff Writer
Principal Casey Gleason was disappointed to learn that her suburban New Orleans elementary school was discontinuing its annual yearbook in 2004 because the expense took funds away from the classroom.
But the Chahta-Ima Elementary School yearbook returned this year after Gleason learned of a Redwood City startup called TreeRing Corp., which uses Internet-based technology that saves costs by printing only as many copies as needed while allowing the collaboration of a wider group of students, faculty and parents.
"We wanted the school to be able to have a yearbook for its historical significance," said Gleason, whose school has served several generations in Lacombe, La. "We wanted to do it at a reasonable cost, but not sacrifice instructional funds for the school."
The 2-year-old TreeRing's "print-on-demand" model could disrupt the traditional school yearbook market, long dominated by companies such as Jostens Inc. and Taylor Publishing Co., said Marc Strohlein, an executive with Outsell Inc., a research and consulting firm that focuses on the publishing industry...  READ MORE