Thursday, June 10, 2010

Article: San Francisco Chronicle - Do-It-Yourself Yearbooks

TreeRing customers Chahta-Ima, Astoria Park and Alvarado are covered in this article.

From A1
"Yearbook Publishing: A Redwood City startup company uses Web-based technology to help schools save on printing costs."

From D1 (business section)
"Do-it-yourself yearbooks"
"We wanted to do it at a reasonable cost, but not sacrifice instructional funds for the school." Casey Gleason, principal, Chahta-Ima Elementary School, Lacombe, LA

From D5
"This yearbook is your very own"
"Change is scary for some people.  Some people were still willing to go with the sure thing even though it was going to lose some money." Glenda Allen, PTO President, Astoria Park Elementary School, Tallahassee, FL