Tuesday, June 7, 2011

510 Families Blog: Good idea: DIY yearbooks

Good Idea: DIY Yearbooks
As my son's preschool years get further behind us, I can see that some of the special memories we had are beginning to fade. One of his teachers produced a very sweet photo album for each graduating child in which there were many group pictures, but also greater focus on the child for whom the album was put together. We get it out now and then.
Isn't a personalized yearbook for each kid the ideal scenario? When I look at my high school yearbook, there are only a few pictures of me and my friends. TreeRing.com is a Bay Area start-up that is addressing that issue. There are a certain number of pages that are for everyone in the school and then some that are dedicated to -- or designed by -- every  child. The resulting yearbook is an actual printed book, but a different version is ordered for each student.
For example, everyone's book would have the school picture or class photo pages, but only Julian would have the page that I create all about him. If his friend Maia's mom makes her pictures public in the TreeRing system, I can add those to my book for Julian. Parents can insert numerous personalized pages.
Three schools in Oakland have begun using TreeRing to produce their yearbooks: Ress Academy,Joaquin Miller Elementary, and North Oakland Community Charter School.
It may be too late this year for many schools, but if your preschool runs through the summer, perhaps exploring TreeRing is worthwhile.  READ MORE