Thursday, September 28, 2017

TreeRing Memories Helps iPhone Moms Actually Finish Their Baby Books

TreeRing Memories
TreeRing, the company that’s helped more than 1 million kids across the country personalize their school yearbooks, today announced the launch of a new product designed to help moms get the best photos of their children off their phones and into beautifully printed books.

Called TreeRing Memories, the iPhone/iPad-only app is designed to help families preserve precious moments and keep track of their child’s early milestones while automatically placing those photos into baby books—all from their smartphone.

“We’ve talked to hundreds of moms who tell us, ‘I need to be able to do this with one hand,’” said Aaron Greco, TreeRing Co-Founder and CEO. “Today’s busy parents just don’t have enough time to put together a baby book the old fashioned way, or even to find the time to design one on a computer. That means most baby books go unfinished, or are never even started.”

Moms, of course, have all the photos and materials for a baby book. They are capturing more photos than ever and sharing them on social media. According to a survey of moms conducted by TreeRing, that doesn’t mean moms aren’t thinking about baby books, though:

More than 75% of moms told TreeRing they think about working on a baby book at least once a week, while less than 25% report ever completing a book (it’s even less if there’s more than one child in the family).

“We love social media as much as everyone else, but where will those memories be in 5 years? 10 years? 50 years?,” Greco said. “Moms still want to preserve those memories and photos in a meaningful way. It just feels like too big of a project. That’s why we built this app.”

TreeRing Memories focuses on helping moms with three specific problems:
  • Creating baby books. TreeRing Memories automatically groups photos that are added to the app and puts them into chronologically ordered, beautifully designed books that moms can print. Everything is editable and customizable, and, if a mom wants to create a book for a special event, like a first birthday party, she can do that, too. 
  • Tracking milestones. Moms can swipe through dozens of memory prompts within seconds to recall special moments and memories, like an early ultrasound, how parents shared the good news, special visitors after birth, funny events, and memories of first experiences and holidays. 
  • Sharing among family. While there are plenty of options for sharing photos, collecting photos other family members have taken and incorporating them in a book can be a struggle. Additionally, many parents are wary of over sharing photos of their child with their entire social networks. TreeRing Memories lets family members privately share photos and milestones with a more intimate group of followers, who can add content to be included in the memory books too.
With beta users and early trial users in the fold, TreeRing Memories has already made good on solving those problems for moms who have tried the app.

“I felt like I was failing on something that really mattered to me,” said Kelsey Wong of California, whose son, Jacob, is now one year old. “We take tons of photos, but my son never saw them and digital photos aren’t the same as something you can hold onto. We love having a printed book to look at together and to share with grandparents and family. TreeRing memories has made the baby book process simple and fun.”

Other moms have said they’re glad they found TreeRing Memories, too:
  • "I’d been trying to keep up with scrapbooking, but it’s been too hard. My hands are full. The app’s great; it’s really convenient. I love that it separates the pictures for me and makes a new book. I love that I don’t have to do it myself.” — Nikki, mom of two, Massachusetts 
  • "My son's almost 2 and these books are growing with him! I'm finding I'm able to be as creative as I want to be with what I add, and I'm not the only one: dad, grandparents, his uncle, all of our loved ones are adding to the creative process. This app is a shareable treasure." — Kelly, mom of one, Wisconsin
  • "I've been looking for an app that makes it easy to create books. I don't like most apps. They often have things I like, but I feel like something's always missing… With TreeRing Memories, the ability to put more than one photo on a page is huge. I can’t emphasize that enough. It’s the major drawback for other products." — Justina, mom of one, Nebraska
  • "TreeRing has been amazing in helping us capture our memories. It's the only app I've found that I can use from my phone. So far, I've absolutely loved it." — Anna, mom of one, New York
  • "I remember the days of piles of photos that are stuck in drawers or haphazardly stuck in photo albums. This app definitely showcases my favorites at their best. The quality of the hardcover book is the best I’ve seen and the customer service is top notch!" — Sara R, mom of six, Texas

TreeRing Memories is always free to use, with the printed books starting at $9.99. Download the app in the iTunes app store. For more information about TreeRing Memories, visit