You've Got Questions,We've Got Answers

Hidden Costs

What about shipping costs?
All orders that meet the school determined deadline are shipped to your school for free, within 3 weeks. Books can still be ordered after the deadline, but they'll be shipped directly to the home address for a small fee.
Is there a fee to use Treering's online software?
No way! We built our app, so you can use it for free.
Is this too good to be true?
There is no catch. We've used technology to remove the burden from schools. By printing only the exact number of copies your parents and students purchase, you'll never have a minimum order commitment again.

Printed Yearbooks

What is the quality of Treering's book printing?
All Treering yearbooks are printed on 100 lb. sustainably sourced paper. Both hard and soft cover books have a UV coating added to them to ensure that your books won't fade over time.
What types of covers and finishes does Treering offer?
Treering yearbooks can be printed in hard or soft cover. With a matte or glossy finish. Upgrade options such as gold and silver foil or embossing are available as well.
Are the custom pages in everyone's book?
Custom pages are only added to the books of students who complete their custom pages. If a student/parent doesn't add photos of memories to their custom pages, they won't have any in their book. They also will not have blank pages in their book.


Can we turn the yearbook into a fundraiser?
You can add any amount to the price of the book as a fundraiser. We've helped schools raise more than $5 million this way.
Can we sell recognition ads to help raise money for our school?
Absolutely! You can set the price for each of the ad sizes you are providing. Treering will charge 5% on the amount collected to cover credit card and bank processing fees, and we will send you a check for the rest.
Can we offer different size ads for different prices.
We have created 4 different choices in ad sizes, full-page, half-page, quarter-page, and an eighth-page. You can determine the price for each, or you can skip the fundraiser, and provide them for free.
What if we don't want to include a fundraiser?
No problem, you don't need to include a fundraiser. You can even let parents use ads without charging them.


Can everyone see the yearbook as it's being created?
Only the school's yearbook editors and staff can see and work on the yearbook itself. We give you the option to send sneak previews of specific pages or the entire book if you want to get your school excited!
Does Treering take school portraits as well?
We're focused on providing the best yearbook solution in the universe (okay, maybe just the world), so we don't take school pictures. We do accept all portraits following the industry standard PSPA Guidelines though!
Are photos added to Treering by parents and students private?
Parents and students have the ability to make all of their photos added private.
Could someone put a photo in my personal pages that I don't want?
No! Each set of personal pages is unique and can only be created and edited by the owner.
What if someone doesn't want to complete personal pages?
Personal pages are optional. Students and parents not wishing to complete personal pages can simply purchase a standard copy of the school yearbook.
Is your site secure?
We treat Treering like Fort Knox, by using 128bit data encryption and having our site tested daily by McAfee SECURE. We also take school privacy seriously by restricting access to those that have been provided with a school's private passcode.


Can we create a custom cover for our yearbook?
Yes! You can easily add student artwork, photo wraps or anything else you can dream up to create a one of kind yearbook cover.
Do you have themes I can choose from?
We've got 100's, have a look at all our themes.
Do you provide easy yearbook templates?
We have lots of template layouts for you to choose from, ready to pop your photos right in and feel confident they'll look great.
If we want to use InDesign to create our yearbook, can we?
Yes, though you can create a beautiful yearbook with our software, if you are more comfortable using InDesign that works too. Just export your page as a JPEG and upload it to our app. Download a template for InDesign here.